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  • We have a mandatory parent's meeting next Thursday August 31at 6 PM at the Dakota Valley Elementary Gym. Every player must have at least one parent or guardian present to signinto this meeting and sign the parents code of conduct before your player can partake in any game.

    We will be discussing "end of year tournament" as well as update regarding basketball registration...

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  • All 4th Grade Purple Panther Parents!

    There will be a short meetingon Tuesday August 22 at 5:45 PM
    We will meet in the Dakota Valley Parking lot for about 15-20 minutes.

    We are meeting to assign tasks and plan for our "Annual Watermelon Feed" each year hosted by the fourth grade parents.

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  • Today is kickoff day for the 2017 football season. It is helmets andmouth guards only. The mouth guards have to be the strap on variety.

    See you at the field at 5:30 pm



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