Our Features

Manage your association from one location with these useful features


Our easy-to-use dashboard keeps you in the loop. You can see registration numbers, send members messages, keep track of your financials, and so much more.

Registration Invites

You can invite members in two ways. First, email them the registration link right from the application. Second, copy your seasons's unique registration link and share it anywhere you want!

Online Registration

With online registrations players and parents can register and pay for their sport right in our application.

Association Website

Give your association a web presence with up-to-date news articles, event calendars, and galleries. Just choose an available URL and your website will be live. Each of your teams also gets their own webpage as well!

Association Admins

Managing and running an association is no easy task. It takes a team! With association admins, your association owner team can see and manage the association right in our application.

Coupon Management

Sometimes there is a need to give our coupons for a sports registration. Creating, editing, and distributing coupons is easy! Limit how many times a coupon can be used, see who has use your coupon and more.

How It Works

1) Specify your Leagues

Using our simple creation wizard create a league for each sport in your association. Doesn't matter if you have 1 or 10 sports, keep their information separated so you can easily manage them.

2) Break into Clubs

Break your Leagues into smaller groups. When members register they will select which club they want to be in. Clubs could be age groups, skill level, or a custom grouping.

3) Assign to Teams

Once your registration closes and you know how many players your working with, you can create the teams. Assign your coaches and managers then divvy out the players to make sure your teams are well balanced.

Our Pricing is Simple

Managing your athletic program is a job in itself,
so we keep our pricing simple!



  • Unique Web Domain
  • Unlimited Team Webpages
  • Discounts on Season Registrations
  • Online Fee Collection
  • Publish Association News


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