Knect and Manage

Give every coach the tools to connect with families and teams from home or on the field.

Track Your Workouts Using iCompete

Compete with your teammates and friends by tracking your weights and times.

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Registration Made Easy

Create and manage sports registrations quickly and easily with customizable forms and payments.

Check Schedules and Mark Availability

Have your team's schedule right at your fingertips and mark if players are available to play or not.


Helping get kids connected to Colleges, by promoting healthy diets and reducing sports injuries.


Players can use TeamKnect to keep track of their physical activity, find out if they are traveling for an event, and chat with players and coaches.


Parents using the app will find managing multiple sports schedules to be easier with one combined calendar for all kids.


Coaches and other staff can easily manage their entire team. Change game rosters and send event changes right from your phone!

Ready for iPhone, Android, and Web

One app across three devices. Whether you're at a game or sitting in your office, all of your team information is synced across all devices so you always have access to the most recent news and updates.

  • iCompete
  • Group Messages
  • Create teams for more than just sports
  • Public and Private Calendar Events
  • Custom Lineups
  • Keep notes for games and locations
  • Enhanced Features on the Web App
  • Synced Calendars


At TeamKnect we strive to give the user the best experience possible, but every once in a while things just don't make sense. So here are some of the biggest issues people have and how to fix them!

Where can I download TeamKnect ?

TeamKnect is available through both the App Store and Google Play. If you don't have a smartphone you can still access it by signing into our web App!

How do I join a team ?

If you have seen an email from TeamKnect then you have already been invited to a team, you just need to create an account to join!

  • 1 If you havent downloaded our mobile app yet view the FAQ on where to download TeamKnect.
  • 2 Once you've opened the app tap Sign Up
  • 3 Fill in your information
    Make sure you use the same email that you were invited with!
  • 4 Finish account creation and check My Teams

How do I add my kids ?

Parents of players that are under the age of 13 will have to manage their child's account. Luckily adding a child is quick and easy!

  • 1 From the Home screen tap My Kids
  • 2 Tap   to add a kid
  • 3 Fill in your kids information
  • 4 Tap Done

How do I send group chats ?

Having the ability to send out a group message to your entire team or a small group of members is one of the great features offerened by TeamKnect. So how do you do it?

  • 1 From the Home screen tap My Teams
  • 2 Select the team you would like to chat in
  • 3 Tap the Chat bubble on the bottom right of the screen
  • 4 Tap to create a new chat
  • 5 Select a group at the top you would like to open a chat with then press Done
  • 6 Now you can type your message and press Send

How do I update a players status ?

Coaches use a players status to determine if they are available for games or different events. Injuries are also recorded to keep a history of sports injuries such as concussions.

  • 1 From the Home screen tap My Teams
  • 2 Select your team
  • 3 Tap the Roster
  • 4 Tap the player whose availability has changed
  • 5 Tap their status bubble
  • 6 Set their status to the appropriate setting
  • 7 Done!

    Remember to keep this up to date so you don't lose your spot on the roster!

Here's what people are saying...

"The TeamKnect App makes managing my team a breeze. I just grab my phone and set lineups, send invites and the players are notified instantly! It's saved me a ton of time and headaches!"

Allen Pedersen
NHL Alumni, Team Manager
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"I wish I had this in my playing days! Back then it was so hard to stay informed of everything the team was doing. Now I use TeamKnect to manage my hectic life and things have never been better."

Blair Stewart
NHL Alumni
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"Between classes, basketball, work, and social life I stay pretty busy. TeamKnect keeps me informed of what's happening with my team and my personal life. I love the instant push notifications, now I never miss when coach changes practice."

Ali Bachman
College Athlete
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Here are some other organizations we work with!

Select Your Price

We know not all teams work the same, your backyard volleyball team probably doesn't have a registration fee, but your sons High School Fooball team does. Because of this we have a number of options for how you can set up TeamKnect!

Mobile App

Available on Android and IOS devices.


  • Basic Team Management
  • Team Private and Group Chat
  • Push Notifications for Changes

Web App

Accessable from anywhere with internet connection.


  • Enhanced Team Management
  • Sell Team Sponsorships
  • Create Team Galleries
  • Add News Article

Team Site

Upgrade your account to give your team a public webpage.


  • Get a Public Web Presence
  • More Sponsorship Space
  • Public Calendar With Team Events
  • Online Season Registrations
  • Track Payments


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